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DIY Candle Holder

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing with you this super cool DIY GLITTER CANDLE HOLDER! It is super cute and I am obsessed! Just the other day I realized that I haven't posted a Craft on here in a while so I thought I would try to post more DIYs. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas of what crafts you would like to see on here. Also I'm sorry this is a day late, I was going to post this yesterday(Monday) but I didn't have time.  I can't wait to show you how to make this craft so...Let's get started!! 
Step 1: Gather your supplies: A glass jar(I used a Nutella jar), a small candle, a paint brush, glitter,tape,and glue.
First take your tape and cut out a shape of your choice. Then stick it to the INSIDE of your jar. 

Then using your paintbrush spread the glue all over the inside of the jar. Take your glitter and pour some into the jar. Shake the jar up.(You make need to place the top on). Dump the excess glitter. Let your jar dry completely. 

(I went out an…

What I Got For My Birthday

Hey everyone! It's Monday! And yesterday was my birthday!! And for today's post I am going to be sharing what I got for my birthday! I'm so excited about this post! Let me know in the comments if you like seeing posts like this!! So lets get into it!

The first thing I got was this cute sweater/shirt that is white and pink. 
The next thing I got is a cute Necklace with the letter F on it.
Thirdly I got a light blue tank top. And yes I know I got mostly clothes for my birthday. :)
Then I got some snacks like gummy bears, and Tortilla Rolls. 
I also got a a hat(vizer) and a cute ice cream tank top.  

And I got some cute sunglasses that are gold and white.
Lastly I  got some cute fluffy socks that are super cute and soft! And another pair that have a cool zebra design on them.

That is everything I wanted to show you guys today. I did get some other present but I thought that this would be a bit long to show everything. Let me know in the comments if you liked this post! Have a great d…