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Back To School Ideas

Hey everyone! It's Monday!! And that means that I get to post here on DIY Crafts + Life Style. So today I am going to be doing a back to school post. And just being me I'm always late with the Internet trends and trying to keep up with all the seasons. And so today with some help from my sister, I came up with 3 DIY ideas that could help save you from the sadness of going back to school. Also make sure you look out in the weeks ahead for some FALL INSPIRED posts. I've worked hard at doing some posts early so that they get up in time. But enough of this chit chat. Let's get started!
And that's a wrap! :) I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! If you did please comment down below what you would like to see next! Have a great autumn day! -BloggerGirl

Summer Pictures

Hey guys! I know today's not Monday but I couldn't wait to make a post on here. So why I haven't been posting all summer is because my computer broke and I didn't have a way to make the posts I wanted to make. But I finally got a new computer and now I can post more on here!! :) So today I just wanted to share some pictures from this summer that I and my friends and family took with our camera's. And since I already miss summer this is gonna bring back some awesome summer vibes! So I hope you enjoy todays post! Let hop into it!

And that is all I have for you guys today! Let me know what you would like to see next. And also if you would like to see posts more like this! <3  Have a great day and hopefully see you Monday! -BloggerGirl 

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Hey everyone! I'm sorry it has been a long while since I last posted on here. But today I wanted to post some updates since I haven't posted here recently. So here we go..
I've started school. Okay, so last week I started my classes up again. It was so nice to have a break over the summer. But now its back to the stress of the school year. Watch out for Back To School posts. So every year around this time I start doing back to school posts. So I thought I should do that again this year. So let me know your requests for that in the comments.Have a great day!! ❤️

DIY Summer Decor

Hey everyone! It's Monday! And for today's post I will be showing you how to make this super cute and simple Summer Framed Decor!! So let's get started!

 Step 1: Gather your supplies: A frame (with glass and and a backing), yellow, green, pink and white paper, a black pen, and scissors.
Step 2: So for today, we are going to be making a piece of watermelon to go in the frame. So in the picture above, you can see three shapes for making the watermelon, cut those out with your scissors.
 Step 3: Taking your pen, draw some black seeds onto your large pink part of the watermelon slice.
Step 4: Then glue the white and green parts onto the pink.(As shown in the picture above) Let it dry before moving onto the next step.
 Step 5: You're going to need your colored paper for this step. Cut out the word "Summer" using your 3 different colors. Then place a piece of yellow paper to be the background. Frame this.
And you're done!!! :) Now you can hang it on the wall or pla…

Things To Do In Summer

Hey everyone! I am so excited that it is summer! If you have been a follower of DIY Crafts + Life Style for a while you probably have noticed that I make a special post for every season. In these special posts I share what to do in those seasonal months so you won't be bored. So today I have...Things to do in SUMMER!! I might be doing a part 2 of this because it was so much fun to make. So look out for that sometime this summer.  So let's get into it!!
#1: Play a sport. Sports are fun all year round but their especially fun during the summer time! Some of my favorites are: Soccer, and volleyball.

#2: Go swimming! I actually went swimming today and it was a lot of fun. Swimming is also a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

#3: Go biking. Biking is a lot of fun especially if you do it with other people. 

   #4: Have a fun photo shoot! My sisters and I love having photo shoots together so this is something we like doing in the summer. So if you've never tried this out I woul…

DIY Shushie

Hey everyone! Today is Monday and I will be showing you how to make an awesome summer drink! This is a super simple recipe to make and it tastes great! I have already made this twice this summer. That's how good it is! These drinks are great for hot days when you need to cool down. So lets get started!!
Step 1: Gather your supplies: A blender, ice, lemons, a cutting board, a knife, and sugar.
Step 2: Squeeze the juice out of two lemons into a small bowl. Then mix in two (or three depending on how sweet you would like your slushie) Tablespoons of sugar into the lemon. 
Step 3: Blend your ice in the blender.(I used about 7 or 8 cubes of ice). You might need to add a bit of water to help blend the ice smoothly. After your ice has turned to slush you can add your lemon/sugar mixture in. Mix that up and pour into a glass.
And your done!! This makes about one serving of lemon slushie. It is kind of a lot so I would suggest sharing. 

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! If you do make th…


Hey everyone! It's Monday!! And I'm so sorry I haven't posted in 2 weeks but I really needed a break from blogging since I have been so busy with moving. But for today's post I wanted to diy an old clear CD and make it a cut diy donut for decoration! I really like how it turned out and I would definitely make this again. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for any future posts and I'll try to make it happen. So let's get started!
Step 1: To start you are going to need to gather your supplies. You will need, a clear CD, a sheet of colored paper (your choice,I went with pink), markers,scissors, and glue.
Step 2: Start by tracing the size of your CD onto your paper. Then using your scissors cut out your perfect circle with a small whole in the middle.
Step 3: Using your markers make sprinkles on your circle. Make sure to not make to many or it will cover up your whole donut.
Step 4: You are going to need a tissue for this part to spread the glue…

Travel Tips

Hey everyone! It's Monday and it is almost summer. And a lot of people are getting ready to travel for the summer and so am I. So I thought that I would share some EASY traveling tips with you so that you're prepared for any trip you take. All of these tips are super helpful and I use almost all of them! If you like posts like this please let me know in the comments so I can make more posts like this. So lets get started!
Tip 1: When packing a suitcase most people just fold their clothes and throw them in. But a better way is to roll your clothes and put them in. This will leave you with more space and less wrinkles in your clothes. 

Tip 2: Another tip to saving space in your suitcase(or backpack) is to pack all of your pairs of socks in your shoes. So you can fit about 3 pairs in a large shoe, so that is 6 pairs of socks in a pair of shoes! That is a crazy amount of space you'll be saving!
Tip 3: When packing shampoo,conditioner or lotion, sometimes it leaks out of the lid a…